Children’s Social Care

We make the originality of the child we will take care of the reference of all our works. 
Keeping children safe is everyone's responsibility and we are working together with partner agencies to offer high quality services with an unrelenting focus on positive results for children and families.
Children's services work with families that require support from the point of a referral being made, through a single assessment and where necessary into the longer term teams for ongoing advice, support, guidance and interventions to create the necessary changes to keep children safe.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

We support children and young people (up to the age of 17) who have special educational needs or disabilities. We provide advice and information and can carry out specialist assessments and give ongoing support where necessary.

Children Looked After

It is better for some children and young people to be looked after by people outside their immediate family. That is defined as being ‘in care’. When the agreed plan is for this arrangement to be longer term, a social worker from the children in care team will become involved. They will work with the child, family and others to make sure that being in care is as positive an experience as possible.